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Daddy Issues are the #1 thing that keeps women in meaningless relationships, fear, and from knowing their true identity.  If not dealt with, Daddy Issues can affect a women in her adult life and could lead to broken relationships, dysfunction, divorce, depression, and a plethora of personality flaws.  Take the first step towards being emotionally healthy and free from all that is keeping you from being your best self (the best friend, the best mother, the best wife that you can be).

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Got a group of women?

Bring Deva to speak to your group.  Deva's easy going, yet, informative style will help plant the seed to transform women's minds from "victim" to "victor."  You'll be ready to put in the necessary work to win every battle.

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Deva has worked with women from all walks of life to develop their new identity (aside from the "false" personality they developed from hurtful past experiences) and to build healthy relationships.  Book your private coaching package today.

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Online classes to help guide women who grew up "fatherless" through every facet of life.

From parenting, to "wifeing", to everything in between, Deva has created a Masterclass for it.  Whatever season you find yourself in, these classes are sure to provide guidance, wisdom, and Godly counsel.  Sign up now for a Masterclass and get instant access to these POWERFUL courses that you can complete anytime and anywhere.

What People Are Saying

“My husband came and asked me for forgiveness and I know that it is a result of the prayers that you prayed with me. Thank you!”

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Private Consultation Client

“I love what you are doing with this!  I am happy that you are talking to women about this.  It blesses women to openly discuss.”

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“Always wanting the love of a man, thinking sex was love.  I needed your book.  You are right, God is a great God.  He healed me and now I am free from toxic relationships.  It’s taken me 40 years to really love myself.”

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Daddy Issues Aren’t Just Black & White

So, most of us are familiar with the term Daddy Issues.  When asked what it is, I heard one person say, "It's when a woman is crazy because her dad wasn't around." Crazy? Crazy? Are you kidding me? Daddy Issues don't make a woman "crazy" but they do cause most women...

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You Are Needed

When I was in high school, I used to say to my friends that I wanted to have a bunch of kids, 10 boys to be exact. I loved the idea of being needed by everyone in my home. I wanted to be the mom who kept it all together for my family. Now, I’m in the thick of it, and it’s not quite what I expected.

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Are you Coping with Trauma?

Are you coping with trauma?

According to the American Psychological Association, trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. Events like rape, accidents, divorce, rejection by family, and many others, can have immediate reactions such as shock, and denial. Traumatic events can also have longer term reactions such as unpredictable emotions and strained relationships.

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All I Do is Win, No Matter What

Do you know that the first thing I hear every morning, is that I win. See, I changed my alarm ringtone to a song that reminds me that all I do is win (by DJ Khaled). Although Charlie Sheen gave new meaning to the term "winning," the kind of winning I am excited about...

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On the Run

There was a time in my life (very recently) that I wanted to be a runner.  Yes, me, the girl who decided in her senior year of high school to try out for the track team, only to quit before the season even started because...You guessed it...TOO much running.  Yes, me,...

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